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Happy Father’s Day to Aspie Dad!

Celebrating Aspie Dad on Father’s Day: Words from the Boys

How often do we really celebrate our ASD children’s Dads? I’m thinking if life is a hectic crazy mess day after day like ours, the answer is NOT OFTEN ENOUGH. So for Father’s Day 2013 I would like to post some pictures of Aspie Dad with his boys, along with their own words to their Dad.

(Aspie Dad’s blog: My Aspie Wife, can be found here.)



Dear Daddy (written by Mom),

I love you so much that I scream and cry for you all day long when your at work—driving Mommy crazy! Happy Father’s Day, Daddy

Love ,

Thomas (a.k.a. Tantrum Tot)




Dear Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I hope this Father’s Day is the best one in years. Thank you for always helping me with my problems with Adam. My favorite thing for us to do together is Family Movie Night when we all get to be together doing the same thing. Maybe we can do that tonight.

I love you very much Daddy.

Love, Matthew (a.k.a. The Little Man – 9)



clip_image008Hey Dad,

You’re a clean freak, you’re a suit monkey, and a literal pain in my butt—but I am glad you are my Dad and I would not trade you in.

I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day


Adam (a.k.a. Aspie Teen)

That was Aspie Teen’s attempt at sarcasm.



The pictures in this post were chosen by the boys as their “favorites” with their Dad.

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