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Tantrum Tot is elgible for Autism Services!

I am posting a link to hubby’s blog post about the Tot’s evaluation at BabyNet.  A follow-up/update on his autism evaluation process.

I will write a more in-depth post about our evaluation process at BabyNet.  But to make a long story short, we made a visit to the Tot’s doctor two weeks ago because he had a sinus infection and he watched him circle his  nurse’s station repeated.  We discussed the “findings” of the autism evaluation the Tot received in Charleston, and the doctor said we had to have him re-evaluated.  (Re-cap, in Charleston they said he no longer met autism criteria, but diagnosed with developmental delays, repetitive/expressive speech delays AND oppositional defiance disorder, which is a crock!)

A brief evaluation and another MCHAT failure at BabyNet and it was determined that the Tot will receive an autism diagnosis, and autism services through the school district!

Here is a link to Hubby’s blog post.

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