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Asperger’s: Grab a Copy of “Grace Figures Out School”

I am always exciting to see new books published that will help the world understand more about Asperger’s Syndrome.  Grace Figures Out School is written by Leslie Burby. Leslie is the editor of Autism Parenting Magazine (a wonderful publication that I encourage you to check out). Although, the book’s release date is in January, it is available NOW from the publisher.

grace figures out school


“Grace Figures Out School
by Leslie Burby

It’s Grace’s first day at a new school, and she doesn’t know what to do. She meets nice and not-so-nice classmates, but are they speaking in some sort of code? She can’t understand them at all. When her teacher realizes that Grace is struggling to adjust because Grace has Asperger’s Syndrome, she realizes that this is an important day for the whole class. Discover how Asperger’s and figurative language can make for a very confusing day, but can still be overcome in Grace Figures Out School.”



“The book was inspired by my daughter with Asperger’s when she was told to “throw out her ice cream cone” and she literally threw her cone across the restaurant. It made a huge splattered mess and she realized I didn’t actually mean to “throw” it. It was a lesson we both learned from, but as I hugged my daughter and cleaned up the mess we had to listen to people’s comments about how I should hit her to teach her a lesson and how I was such a horrible parent. After cleaning up I suggested to all the onlookers that Google Asperger’s and explained that figurative language isn’t so easy for everyone. I have used the opportunity to write books for ALL people to teach a life lesson, a literary lesson and autism acceptance. This first book of a series is about the life lesson of attending a new school, while everyone in the class learns about autism, and figurative language. I truly believe that we all have uniqueness that should be shared and understood. I encourage you all to “be curious, not judgmental.”


Thanks so much Leslie, I am looking forward to the rest of the series!

I’ve just grabbed my copy, and will be eagerly awaiting its arrival.  Help me show Leslie some support! Grab yourself a copy today, and pass the word!

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