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Preparing to Travel: Packing Day Jitters

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I am a planner; I over plan. Today Aspie Teen and I need to pack for our trip to Miami. We fly out tomorrow morning for our weekend attending the Reader’s Favorite Awards Ceremony, and to attend the Miami International Book Fair. I am sure we are going to have a great time, and I am looking forward to being able to spend a weekend with the Teen. We should have plenty of Mom and Teen time this weekend. (Even going to try and sneak away to see, Catching Fire on Friday)

I am nervous about leaving the other three kids, as I have never been away from them for an entire night—never mind an entire weekend. I have the Mommy jitters. I’m sad Hubby can’t attend with me because I would have really have loved to share this with him. Plus, he is a big book fan and this fair would have been right up his alley—and he is the social one; who will carry the conversations?.

Usually I plan every trip to death, but this one I have been so nervous about that I’m in procrastination mode. I only bought a dress two days ago, and have been stressed out ever since. I hate shopping for clothing, but worse I worry that I will be dressed “incorrectly.” I worry I will be over-dressed, or under-dressed, or my stockings will ripe (they probably will), or I will fall going on or off the stage (has happened before).

I was also procrastinating because this is a highly social event and I worry that the Teen and I will sit in a corner by ourselves, or at a table all alone feeling out of place. Usually this is not the case, but I always really worry about social events before they occur. I cannot procrastinate any longer I must pack—I leave tomorrow!

It’s going to be a hard trip for me. I fear being away from the boys and not being able to hop in the car and get to them in ten minutes. I do not like to fly, in fact, I haven’t since 2001, and the Teen was 3 years old then. We are very nervous about getting on the plane—trying to ward off the panic here!

I am sooo not ready.

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Jeannie Davide-Rivera

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