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Are your ASD kids more trusting that other kids?

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I came across a “new” study today that said that ASD kids are more trusting than their neuro-typical counterparts, and am wondering what is new about this information? I’ve know that I’ve been too trusting for years—in fact, I wrote about this exact subject in a post a year and a half ago, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire; Why do we believe them?

Here is today’s Answers.com article:

Autistic Children are More Trusting than Their Peers


So What do you think? I find this to be absolutely true—I am too trusting, have difficult generalizing, and basically tend to believe a person’s lies way too  many times before I “get” it!  It’s frustrating because many times I feel like I should already know better.

What about you, or your ASD kids? Are they too trusting?

I know that I have a 9-year-old who has never met a stranger? He gives out my cellphone number to strange people in the park without thinking twice about it. He thinks he “knows” someone if he knows their name (because he just asked them two second ago), and often believes the same friend’s lies over and over again despite the fact he was lied to the day before!  (Sounds eerily familiar…to myself)


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