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I have issues with keys!

My morning began with my being unable to peel my eyelids open, and walking into the wall (twice). I was so tired. Night before last I didn’t get any sleep at all. I was still up when Hubby left for work because I having a lot of difficulty adjusting to not reading at night time to decompress. Last night I plopped down into bed exhausted.

I was so tired; how in the world could I not fall asleep? I’ll tell you how…nothing to read. I abandoned by no reading two stories at the same time baloney and started on the second assigned novel for my class, Ceremony by Leslie Silko. So this time I stayed up half the nights in tears reading that book! It is kind of heart-wrenching, the book.

Now I get up tired this morning, drag the little man out of bed, and get Aspie Teen up to watch the baby (who was still asleep) so I can run the little man to school. I get my coat on and head outside to warm up the van-no keys!

Hubby left for work this morning and took my keys with him! He drives Tantrum Tot to daycare (in my van because that is where the car seat is) before he leaves for work, and today he left with my keys in his pants pocket. Hubby was late for work because he was half way up I-95 and had to turn around to bring me back the keys.

I really can’t say too much to Hubby though because I have issues with my keys. I am always losing my keys. I’m not as bad as my friend, she locks her own keys in her car almost monthly, she always has to ring Bobcat Locksmith to rescue her. I tell my hubby this but he still reminds me (and everyone else) about the time I was late for an appointment and losing my mind because I could not find my keys. I really need to find out where I can have additional keys made near me so that I always have a backup set. Finally, on my way to my appointment, I called him in a panic.

“Where are you now?” he asked.

“I’m driving to the doctor’s office. I’m going to ring a company like KJ Locksmiths Shepton Mallet to get some new keys made. I’ll have to call the car garage to get a new set of car keys though.”


He was right; I lost my keys, and they were in the ignition of the van that I WAS DRIVING! It may not just be my keys that I have lost-I’ll find my mind somewhere; someday. It’s so easy to lose keys though, so it is sort of understandable that I forgot they were in the ignition. One of my friends told me that I should consider adding some keychains to my keys to make them bigger and noisier, hopefully, making them less easy to lose. She even told me to look at getting a custom keychain with a favorite photo on it. She said that should make it easier to spot my keys. Hopefully, things like that will help me out! I can’t believe how often I lose my keys!

In honor of my losing keys and everything else (like the sunglasses that I constantly lose while they are atop of my head, and my van in every shopping center parking lot I go into) I am sharing a little video with you that so depicts my madness. This song is also my ringtone; it is so appropriate.

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