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Monsters: Godzilla the Movie (2014) A Truly Sympathetic Monster

  Godzilla as the hero, I love it!

An enjoyable movie—more of an action flick, I think, than a horror movie.  But is Godzilla a monster? I don’t think so. Not in the traditional sense.  Godzilla is the hero of this movie, or at least, he should have been.

Admittedly, I expected Godzilla to be the bad guy, to attack humans, to destroy cities. Well, he did destroy cities, but it was for a good cause, to restore balances and destroy those other things. The real monsters who would have destroyed the world, and were trying to mate—gross. Instead, I caught myself yelling at the stupid humans and rooting the giant reptilian.



Everything humans, and the military throw at Godzilla, the beast was able to handle. Ships, guns, rockets, paratroopers—no problem.  You would think they would have knocked it off, and got out of the hero’s way considering all their efforts were useless against the other invasive species.  They needed just to step aside and let our monster do his job!


Description From www.rottentomatoes.com

“In Summer 2014, the world’s most revered monster is reborn as Warner Bros. Pictures, and Legendary Pictures unleash the epic action adventure “Godzilla.” From visionary new director Gareth Edwards (“Monsters”) comes a powerful story of human courage and reconciliation in the face of titanic forces of nature, when the awe-inspiring Godzilla rises to restore balance as humanity stands defenseless.”

I didn’t find the human characters all that compelling despite the efforts made to bring their stories to life.  No, did the movie leave me thinking, this is a “powerful story of human courage.” I don’t think there was ever a point that I cared about them enough to fear or be anxious about their survival.  I had more empathy for Godzilla who seemed to play a secondary role to everything else in the movie.  He (Is Godzilla he?) is a great example of a sympathetic monster.  The poor behemoth was only trying to do his “job.” And protecting humanity and earth in the process.

For me, the best human character in the movie was the bus driver!  I cheered for him.  He was not staying on the Goldengate Bridge with monsters in sight, and suspension cables were snapping.  And those little wooden police barriers did not stop child-saving hero. I


Overall, this is a fun action-adventure movie with some fantastic digitized monsters.  I tried to find a picture of one of my favorites parts—Godzilla breathing some kind of nuclear fire down the other monsters throat—but couldn’t locate one. It was a very cool move on our monster’s part.


I think I became quite fond of this guy!


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