• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”

Practical Help for Adults with Asperger’s

Unfortunately there are very little resources available for adults living with autism spectrum disorders. Adults effected by autism or Asperger’s Syndrome tend to go undiagnosed because they have learned to “blend in” with the world around them. Blending, however, does not negate the fact that these adults experience severe and …

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Autism Accommodations and Tips for Enjoying Your Disney World Vacation

Doesn’t every child dream of meeting Mickey Mouse, or Cinderella and the rest of the Disney Princesses? When you are traveling with a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), these dreams may seem out of reach. ASD children tend to have difficulty waiting in lines, and become overwhelmed easily …

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6 Misconceptions Educators Have About Children with High-Functioning Autism and How You Can Respond

Dealing with the public school system and educators can be challenging. Knowing how to advocate for your child with high-functioning autism can be difficult at best especially because much of the child’s disabilities may be “hidden”. These hidden disabilities, the ones that are not readily seen by adults can be …

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10 Things Your Autistic Child Wants You To Know

Many autistic children remain misunderstood both by the world around them and even by their parents, teachers, and caregivers. Accurately expressing their thoughts and feelings is an inherent problem for those with autism spectrum disorders; therefore, it can be difficult to understand their behaviors. I am not having a tantrum …

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Online Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many autistic children find it difficult to navigate the mainstream classrooms in public schools. They can be distracted easily by all the sensory stimuli that the school environment provides. A child with autism may not be able to listen to fast speech, take notes, and absorb information in the timeframe …

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Autism Books Written by Autistic Women

Books about Autism written by men abound, but it is more difficult to find books written from a female perspective—by someone, a woman, with Autism. Statistics show that Autism affects four times more men than women; four times more boys are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) than girls. However, …

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Autism or ADHD: Are Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) related?

There has been much speculation about whether ASD and ADD are related disorders, or if they simply appear co-morbidly. There is one core deficit that both disorders share which can make the two appear similar or “related”—a deficit in executive functioning, or “executive dysfunction.” What is Executive Functioning? Executive Functioning …

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Understanding Executive Dysfunction in Autism—5 Areas of Brain-Functioning that are Affected

There are five main areas that are affected by deficits with executive functioning, the higher-order processing that our brain uses to plan and execute complex tasks. These areas are in inhibitory control, non-working verbal memory, verbal working memory, emotional control, and planning and problem solving. Autistic individuals are affected to …

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Better Communication Can Mean Better Behavior in Children with Autism

Having a child with an autism spectrum disorder can present many challenges to parents, and caregivers. One of these challenges is behavior. Research has shown that a child’s ability to communicate may directly impact their behavior. Many Children with Autism Struggle with Language Skills Your child is trying to tell …

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Is There a Test for Autism? Autism Assessments You Should Know

If you suspect that your child or someone you know is on the autism spectrum, you may be wondering if there is a test for autism. There are no definitive medical tests that can diagnosis an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In order to diagnosis ASD a comprehensive screening and evaluation …

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