• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”

Symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in Autistic Adults – Part III: Additional Difficulties

In the first two parts of this three part article series describing the symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) as it appears in adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders both hyper-reactivity and hypo-reactivity to sensory stimuli was discussed. So prevalent are these symptoms of SPD in those with Autism Spectrum Disorders …

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Symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in Autistic Adults – Part II: Hypo-Reactivity

In part one of this series hyper-reactivity or over-stimulation of sensory stimuli is described as it appears in many adults with autism. Although hyper-sensitivities are very common in autism, hypo-sensitivities to sensory stimuli can be just as prevalent. Hypo-reactivity exists when the sensory system is under-stimulated by external stimuli, and …

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Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in Autism

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is extremely common in those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In fact, those with Autism commonly struggle with all kinds of sensory processing issues. SPD can be diagnosed without having an Autism Spectrum Disorder; however, those with Autism almost always struggle with SPD. What Is Sensory …

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The Literal-Minded ASD Child; Taking What You Say Literally

Being mindful of the words you use when speaking to your ASD child can be exhausting, but so can the meltdown that follows misinterpretations. Understanding how their highly literal minds process the words is crucial. Why Do ASD Children Misinterpret Language? The “normal”, “neuro-typical” child without an autism spectrum disorder …

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Temperature Regulation – Why Does My Autistic Child Refuse To Wear A Coat?

Many children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders experience a multitude of sensory symptoms. These sensory processing integration issues or sensory processing disorder (SPD) can include issues relating to temperature regulation.  The person with Autism may not be able to adequately adapt to changing temperatures, and/or may not feel temperatures …

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7 Positive Traits of Asperger’s Syndrome

There is so much focus on the difficulties and disabilities of those of us on the autism spectrum, let’s for a moment focus on the positive! Focus Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome are known for their ability to focus on tasks for long period of times without the need for supervision. …

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10 Things Your Autistic Child Wants You To Know

Many autistic children remain misunderstood both by the world around them and even by their parents, teachers, and caregivers. Accurately expressing their thoughts and feelings is an inherent problem for those with autism spectrum disorders; therefore, it can be difficult to understand their behaviors. I am not having a tantrum …

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Autism and Special Interests

One characteristic or autistic trait that is commonly seen in individuals with autism spectrum disorders, or Asperger’s Syndrome is a preoccupation with areas of “special interests.” So common is this trait of autism that it is listed as one of the diagnostic criteria of the disorder. Special Interests as a …

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Clumsiness Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders—Poor Proprioception

Why do some children and adults with Autism have difficulty keeping their feet underneath them, or applying the correct amount of pressure when lifting an object? Why do they seem to walk into a room like an elephant in a china shop, or send the milk container flying across the …

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Stimming in Autism; Why it is a Good Thing

There is often talk about ways to eliminate an autistic child from engaging in self-stimulatory behaviors, or “stimming” indicating that these repetitive behaviors and movements are undesirable, or non-functional and should be eradicated. The truth is that stimming is desirable, pleasurable, and necessary to the autistic individual. What is stimming? …

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