• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”

IEP Meeting—The Little Man is Changing Schools!

Many of you know that I have been having trouble deciding whether or not to change the little man’s (9) school. Well the decision has been made, and I am feeling really good about it! On Monday Hubby and I took Little Man to tour his new school (although we …

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An Awesome IEP Meeting for the Tot

For past few weeks the Tot has been evaluated by the school district for eligibility for special education services. If eligible he would be entitled to services starting on his third birthday, which was this past Monday. His evaluation was completed on Monday (it was a little behind because of …

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Final Thoughts before heading out to the meeting…

Now that I have left you all with plenty to read with all my obsessing and babbling, (Do you see what happens when Aspies start to hyper-focus?) it is time to print copies of all my madness for everyone else in the meeting, (they are all getting copies whether they …

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Autism IEP—Requested Accommodations

This is list is a culmination of all our ideas and thoughts, and YOUR INPUT! Thanks you much. You all have been incredibly helpful.  So here goes…what we are going in there this morning trying to accomplish.  My though here is to ask for the world and hope we get …

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IEP—Challenges that Impact Ability to Access Curriculum

Here I wrote a little narrative of the biggest (not the only) challenges little man is facing. I’m hoping setting up my justifications for my accommodation/modification requests. I am also asking that all my input be attached to the IEP or filed with it (whatever the procedure is) since I …

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IEP Day—This is what I’ve prepared—Parental Concerns

So today is the day, and I’ve been obsessing and thanks to all of your awesome input and suggestions, preparing all week.  Yesterday I received a draft copy of the IEP to review (I don’t think they expected me to ask for a copy in advance.) Since the draft did …

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Your Help Needed! IEP Meeting Scheduled

I am jotting down notes here in a black and white marble note book sitting open on my desk as I read policies, and do IEP research.  I simply cannot walk into a meeting that I am unprepared for—beyond prepared.  I have Aspie obsession working in my favor at least. …

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