• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Be Careful of What You Say to ASD Children; the literal-Minded 8 year old

Our Words and our ASD Children Being mindful of the words we use when we speak to our ASD children can be exhausting, but so can the meltdown that follows misinterpretations. Understanding how their highly literal minds process the words is crucial.   It’s Sunday again and I am reminded …

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He thought they were calling him slow; the literal-minded 8 year old

This is the sign displayed in front of my eight year old’s school I guess he hadn’t really noticed it before, but when we pulled in front of the school to head to go the book fair he jumped out of the van and stamped his foot. “Arghh!” he yelled. …

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Why you should never ask an Aspie, "How are you doing today?"

I don’t know if my issue with this question is related to social expectations and my reaction to making these social blunders, or if I can’t get past my literal-mindedness and need to provide answers to questions. But–if you want to stop me dead in my tracks, just ask, “How …

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