• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”

6 Misconceptions Educators Have About Children with High-Functioning Autism and How You Can Respond

Dealing with the public school system and educators can be challenging. Knowing how to advocate for your child with high-functioning autism can be difficult at best especially because much of the child’s disabilities may be “hidden”. These hidden disabilities, the ones that are not readily seen by adults can be …

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Sometimes Changes is Good; Little Man received Awards!

Many of you remember the issues that my Little Man (10) had in school earlier in this year, and the madness that ensured with his first IEP meeting.  Hubby and I had a difficult decision to make: fight the school for the Little Man’s accommodations, and support—or—change schools where they …

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Why School Recess is Important for Autistic Children

When my 9-year-old ASD child returns home from school in the afternoon, I always ask the same question, “How was your day?” The only thing of interest that he ever talks about is what happened during recess. He discusses who he played with, what they did, and how he wished …

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How Can Autism Affect Your Child’s Ability to Learn in the Classroom?

Children with autism spectrum disorders can struggle in a traditional classroom setting. Schools are designed to teach one type of learner, and not geared towards children with learning differences. The following are three core deficits (disabilities) of individuals with autism spectrum disorders that can interfere with their ability to succeed …

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Autism in School: How Do Sensory Issues Affect the Classroom?

Autistic children may face many challenges learning in a classroom full of peers. Beyond problems that arise due to deficits in Executive Functioning (disorganization, forgetfulness, punctuality, etc.), weak central coherence (hyper-focusing on details), and Theory of Mind (difficulty understand other’s intentions), children with autism often have unique sensory needs. The …

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What IEP Accommodations Should I Ask for my Asperger’s Child?

Do you have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting scheduled in order for your child to receive individualized help or accommodations in school but have no idea what to ask for, or what can be done to help them? Every child with or without autism has unique strengths and challenges; …

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Tantrum Tot gives “Big Boy” School a Thumbs Up!

The Tot has three days to prepare to start school on Monday, so I thought it would be good to start preparing him. I figured that I can start talking to him over the next few days, and trying to get him used to the idea.  At the very least, …

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IEP Meeting—The Little Man is Changing Schools!

Many of you know that I have been having trouble deciding whether or not to change the little man’s (9) school. Well the decision has been made, and I am feeling really good about it! On Monday Hubby and I took Little Man to tour his new school (although we …

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An Awesome IEP Meeting for the Tot

For past few weeks the Tot has been evaluated by the school district for eligibility for special education services. If eligible he would be entitled to services starting on his third birthday, which was this past Monday. His evaluation was completed on Monday (it was a little behind because of …

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Final Thoughts before heading out to the meeting…

Now that I have left you all with plenty to read with all my obsessing and babbling, (Do you see what happens when Aspies start to hyper-focus?) it is time to print copies of all my madness for everyone else in the meeting, (they are all getting copies whether they …

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