• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Can Theory of Mind be Taught to Autistic Children? 5 Things That Can Help

“Theory of Mind,” also known as mind-blindness, is the fundamental understanding that other people have feelings, emotions, and thoughts different than your own. It is the innate ability to recognize facial expressions, and body language, and then interpret, and predict other’s actions based on this knowledge. Children with autism are …

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Theory of Mind (ToM) or Mind-Blindness in Autism

People with autism spectrum disorders struggle to understand and relate to other people. They are thought to lack a “Theory of Mind,” and are said to be “Mind-blind.” Understand what “Theory of Mind” is, how it came about, and how it affects autistic people. What is Theory of Mind? Theory …

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I Never Learn!

I had a busy day planned today. As always my “to do” list is long and unrealistic, which is a topic all of its own. I needed to run to the bank, make a money order, pay a bill, and wanted to pick up a can of paint to change …

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Talking to Aspie Teen about Theory of Mind

Today I am writing articles relating to Therory of Mind (ToM), and ways to help teach ASD children. I am reviewing Aspie Teen’s diagnosis and the recommendations section that deal with ToM exercises. When the Teen asked me what I was writing about today, I told him. Of course, then …

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Autism and Writing; Therapy and Theory of Mind Exercises

My decision to become a writer led to my autism diagnosis.  I decided one day that I wanted to write books, and writing quickly became my new special interest. The problem was that I was dreaming of writing fiction novel, and had no clue how to write them. This lead …

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