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MMR Vaccines and an Autism Connection? What to believe…

autism and vaccinesI read an interesting article today about a ruling in an Italian court that held the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine did in fact cause autism and the court awarded monetary compensation to the family. The article got me thinking about the whole subject again and my experience with this vaccine. There are definitely courts throughout the world (including here in the US) that have ruled that the vaccine has indeed caused autism.

I am not saying that I believe the MMR vaccine causes autism, or affects us in any way, but I will say that have had an interesting experience with that particular vaccine myself. I have had the vaccine FIVE times! Yes—you are reading correctly, five times. For unexplained reasons I never show any immunity in my blood for the diseases (this holds true for chicken pox as well, which I have never yet had—I’m strange).

I had the MMR shot when I was a child, and then when I entered college in 1991, it had become a requirement to have the shot more twice. I needed the extra vaccination to enter school. Unfortunately, I received it at a clinic, and when I transferred schools my records were lost and my only choice was to get the shot again (about six months later).

Then to my surprise during my pregnancy with my first child in 1999, I had blood work done that revealed or falsely showed that I was not vaccinated—meaning I had no anti-bodies present in my blood to reveal that I had an immunity to the diseases. A few hours after giving birth to my first son (because they cannot give you the vaccination while pregnant) I received that ever so fun shot in the toosh! Now, if you are keeping count that is MMR vaccine number four—one as a child, two entering college six months apart and one after giving birth!

The above scenario repeated itself during my second pregnancy, blood work, no anti-bodies, and another MMR shot right after birth (MMR vaccine number five). The first two births took place in NYC and I am not sure if the protocols are different there than they are here in South Carolina, but for my third pregnancy and my current one I have not had any blood work testing these anti-bodies that I am aware of.

I believe that my autism/autistic traits have progressive become worse throughout the years, but are the vaccines to blame? Who really knows? Could it just be that those of us who are on the spectrum may be more susceptible or sensitive to the vaccines? Maybe our symptoms become exacerbated? Of course, I am just speculating and asking myself some questions that have long been on my mind.

I can say this—measles, mumps, and rubella are deadly diseases—autism is not, and I will continue to vaccinate my children.

What are your thoughts, opinions, experiences? After thinking about it, I wondered if anyone else has had any experiences like I have.


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