• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Neurodiverse Characters in Children’s Fiction without Labels- Frederick Moody and the Secrets of Six Summit Lake

Frederick Moody

One of the things that bug me the most about seeing neurodiverse characters in books is the storyline is often about struggle and disability. Growing up, as many of you already know, I did not see myself in the pages of book. Identifying with my favorite characters was near impossible, …

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Hyperlexia – Do Autistic Children Speak?

Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that it affects people to varying degrees with a large array of symptoms and traits. Some people with Autism are non-verbal, and cannot communicate verbally; however, even verbal communication affects those with Autism Spectrum Disorders to varying degrees. Some autistic children experience delays in …

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Better Communication Can Mean Better Behavior in Children with Autism

Having a child with an autism spectrum disorder can present many challenges to parents, and caregivers. One of these challenges is behavior. Research has shown that a child’s ability to communicate may directly impact their behavior. Many Children with Autism Struggle with Language Skills Your child is trying to tell …

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Echolalia in Autism: Why Does My Child Repeat Everything I Say?

Does your child repeat yours or other’s words when spoken to, or repeat television shows, commercials, or sounds they hear in the environment? Verbal children with autism spectrum disorders tend to repeat words and phrases they hear with little understanding of the meaning behind the words—a “condition” known as Echolalia. …

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IPads Can Help Autistic Children "Speak"

Some say that iPads work miracles, and for some autistic children-they do. Unlike a computer, where the child must interact with the technology using a keyboard and a mouse, the iPad’s touch-pad/screen helps to engage the child directly. The visual nature of applications make the iPad easier for the autistic …

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Sometimes My Autistic Child Will Not Speak. Could it be Selective Mutism?

Sometimes a child or adult with autism may appear mute. They may freeze-up and not be able to speak in certain circumstances, struggling with their words, or not being able to form any. When this happens it is known as “selective mutism.” Selective Mutism, although, often seen with autism, and …

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The Little Man’s Breakdown: Communication Misunderstandings

Caution: Speak with Care: He is going to take you literally! I wish I could hang a sign on him! My poor little man walked into the house and started sobbing—can’t catch your breath, snot running down your nose kind of sobbing. Apparently, his friend is being sent “away.” “Just …

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Tantrum Tot Broke Daddy’s Heart

The Tot has been particularly miserably this weekend. His behavior and the situation at home in deteriorating at a rapid pace; it’s alarming. He seems to be continuously unhappy, which is killing me! What Mom wants to see her baby miserable? Well, except maybe mine, but that is a story …

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Autism and Echolalia—NO, NOT ME

I didn’t think that I still had echolalia, but I was wrong. As a child I constantly repeated lyrics of songs, and movies, what other people said—sometimes even appearing to be using these phrases of script in context. As an adult, I thought I do not do that anymore—oh but …

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Lack of Communication breaks my Heart

I have been thinking a lot about the source of the Tantrum Tot’s meltdowns lately.  I’ve been noting when, where, and how the  meltdowns begin and observed that much of it starts when he is not communicating well.  The Tot has begun making me repeat everything he says to me.  …

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