• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Autism Camping: Who are these kids; and what did they do with mine?

We reached our first stop after 10pm so the campground was dark and quiet, which was our first concern because this family is anything but quiet. Hubby and I were concerned about this camping thing because there is usually so much prep needed in taking the kids out. He had …

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Getting Ready for Our First Camping Trip

I know someone is bound to say that this is not “real” camping, but this is the most camping we have ever done….so for us this is camping! The brief run down of Aspie Family Vacation usually goes something like….Mom wants to go on vacation, everyone complains. Mom plans herself …

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Spring Break – On the Mountain Roads

So…I didn’t die…yet. I don’t know why I have this horrible fear of the roads, well, I do know some reasons. I am terrified of mountain roads, winding twisty roads, roads that make me feel like I am going to go flying of the side of a cliff. I know …

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Spring Break – Autism on the Road

Want to go on a journey? How long has it been since I’ve taken you guys along? Last April we hit Universal Studios in Orlando, new Harry Potter world attractions, and Hogwarts Express! I adore Harry Potter world, and I wanted to go back (that and my season passes had …

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Seeing the Sights Aspie Style

Since we are in NYC anyway, the boys have asked to see the sights.  Their idea of seeing NYC completely revolves around their interests and favorite movies.  Yesterday, we took a trip to central park in order to seek out Belvedere Caste.  Little Man (9) wanted to see where the …

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