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Getting Ready for Our First Camping Trip

I know someone is bound to say that this is not “real” camping, but this is the most camping we have ever done….so for us this is camping!

The brief run down of Aspie Family Vacation usually goes something like….Mom wants to go on vacation, everyone complains. Mom plans herself to tears, everyone complains. Mom gets everyone to vacation destination, everyone is still complaining. Everyone has a good time, but doesn’t want to ever go on vacation again! Grrrr

It also includes, lots of yelling, screaming, fighting, crying, video game controllers running out of batteries, long amusement park lines, hot days and no naps. Ok, to be fair we never get naps but a girl can dream ya know.

And all of the above happens after the drama of actually getting somewhere…car rides are awful, planes too expensive with this tribe and way way too much work. This really narrowed our options down to some kind of van, so naturally, we all started to look online on intelligent van leasing for van deals that could help us out for our trip.

So, when I mentioned the RV everyone was on board except the hubby. But we worked on that one. My friend helped us to find the best battery rv for the van we managed to use, which was really helpful because there were loads to choose from!

Renting a vehicle is actually a great way to ensure that everyone has enough space on a road trip. As much as family vacations are all about spending time together, it is still important that everyone can comfortably spread out!

We were actually inspired to go on a road trip by some of our friends who recently returned from a trip to Iceland. They spent a couple of weeks in a rental car driving in iceland so we decided to embark on a similar journey. I would love to go to Iceland myself one day so we decided to treat this journey as a trial run.

Anyway, Aspie Grumparino Teen didn’t completely pitch a fit so that means he was in…Monkey boy was up for anything that didn’t involve everyone shoved into the mini-van and jeep toting a uhaul for our luggage, and Tom he was very excited about our ‘house bus.”

So after much research, spreadsheets, cost comparison, routes, maps, RV youtube videos, manuals, blogs, articles of first trips, rv membership forums, and more (stop laughing you know you guys are obsessive too) I found the rental, and we were ready for our first trip.

First stop, KOA Newburgh, NY. We decided that our 14 hour drive needed to be broken into three legs so our first stop would be just four short hours from our house.

One day to pick up the RV, one day to pack the RV, three hours to get out of town, so the four hour trip only took us EIGHT hours, right on schedule for us.

Jeannie Davide-Rivera

Jeannie is an award-winning author, the Answers.com Autism Category Expert, contributes to Autism Parenting Magazine, and the Thinking Person's Guide to Autism. She lives in New York with her husband and four sons, on the autism spectrum.

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