• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Is My Child Having a Tantrum or a Meltdown?—Recognizing the Difference

Children and adults with autism spectrum disorders are susceptible to suffering what are called “meltdowns.” These meltdowns are brought on by communication frustrations, sensory overload, or other usual environmental factors. They difference starkly from a tantrum which can “appear” similar but has the intended purpose of getting what one wants. …

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Living on the edge of Meltdown-ville

I can tell you a lot about autism, but what I cannot tell you is how to avert my own meltdowns indefinitely. I’m so overwhelmed and angry, and am now hiding so Aspie Teen won’t see me cry. Even on a day like today, when the house is calm (school …

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My Day–the Tot’s Tantrums–I need a do over!

Tantrum Tot is getting worse,; I think. But there are some oddities to his tantrum-ing behavior that really has me raising an eyebrow. Today, I kept him home from daycare because for some reason he has gone from loving the place to begging me to stay home, and my heart …

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The Little Man’s Breakdown: Communication Misunderstandings

Caution: Speak with Care: He is going to take you literally! I wish I could hang a sign on him! My poor little man walked into the house and started sobbing—can’t catch your breath, snot running down your nose kind of sobbing. Apparently, his friend is being sent “away.” “Just …

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Tantrum Tot Broke Daddy’s Heart

The Tot has been particularly miserably this weekend. His behavior and the situation at home in deteriorating at a rapid pace; it’s alarming. He seems to be continuously unhappy, which is killing me! What Mom wants to see her baby miserable? Well, except maybe mine, but that is a story …

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Holy Violent Temper Tantrums Batman! The Tot is Out of Control.

So tell me someone please…how does this beautiful loving pirate face turn into the violent Tantrum Tot from hell?  And, when did this happen exactly? Tantrum Tot has been nicknamed that for a reason; he has always been the head banging tantrum kid but things lately have gotten worse. The …

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High Functioning My Ass-perger’s Part II: Massive Sensory Overload and Major Meltdown

Is it sensory overload, executive dysfunction, or plain old Stress? Lately I have been trying to figure myself out—again. The more I learn about Autism and how my brain works, the more I understand why I have difficulties in certain areas. I feel like I have the most difficulty keeping …

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