• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Sometimes Changes is Good; Little Man received Awards!

Many of you remember the issues that my Little Man (10) had in school earlier in this year, and the madness that ensured with his first IEP meeting.  Hubby and I had a difficult decision to make: fight the school for the Little Man’s accommodations, and support—or—change schools where they …

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Asperger’s: Online College Seems to be Working for Me

Some of you may know that I had a lot of trouble attempting a college education when I was younger. I started college in 1991 after dropping out of HS and taking my GED, but I was not able to finish and always struggled to understand why. A major culprit …

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What if the whole world had Asperger’s?

Some random musing for this morning… Last week I was poking around the internet as I usually do and I came across a headline that said, Does our brains need protection from the modern world? It was an article on the autism speaks website. The article talked about a psychologist …

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Depression and Asperger’s Syndrome

An except from Twirling Naked in the Streets and No-One Noticed… Children and adults on the autism spectrum are prone to depression-I certainly am. Research has shown that nearly 65% of people with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome present with symptoms of depression. The depression usually develops in late adolescence and …

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High Functioning My Ass-perger’s Part II: Massive Sensory Overload and Major Meltdown

Is it sensory overload, executive dysfunction, or plain old Stress? Lately I have been trying to figure myself out—again. The more I learn about Autism and how my brain works, the more I understand why I have difficulties in certain areas. I feel like I have the most difficulty keeping …

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