• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”

Autism: When You Fear Going Out Alone with Your Child

Long before I knew anything about autism, let alone that my boys and I are all on the spectrum, I feared going out alone with them—intensely. I never felt like I was equipped to handle more than one child in public at a time, or while I run errands or …

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Video: Tantrum Tot practices his colors; LED shower head

  Several people have asked about this LED color-changing shower head, which I wrote about in a previous post, My Environment and My Aspie Moods, so here is a video of it changing colors. An excited Tantrum Tot practices his colors while LED shower light changes. It is not the …

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Children Don’t Do as You Say…

They do what they SEE you do!  A quick note and small example I wanted to share with you.  Since I decided to become a writer (Yes—that is how it happened, I just plain-old decided one day, and then did it.  I think this is very much an Aspie thing.), …

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Are your ASD kids more trusting that other kids?

  I came across a “new” study today that said that ASD kids are more trusting than their neuro-typical counterparts, and am wondering what is new about this information? I’ve know that I’ve been too trusting for years—in fact, I wrote about this exact subject in a post a year …

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Tactics and Attempts to Intimidate

    Can you see it? That slacking off kid, with his back hunched over, long hair, quirky smile, the boom box behind his back with the big black mark behind him? Is that how they see my child? Is that how my child sees himself  when he sees these outrageously …

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My Consuming Frustration: “Recess should not be…denied…”

I do not care what the school’s policy is, or how the principal feels about it; denying children recess as punishment is wrong.  And—the SC Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness agrees with me. South Carolina: Code 59-10-10 (2005) requires grades K-5 be provided with a minimum of 150 minutes of …

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Is recess a priviledge or a right?

Do our children have a right to the free time, socialization, and physical activity in school that recess affords, or is this time reserved as a privilege? It would seem to me that during the time where this country’s children suffers from childhood obesity and diabetes that physical activity would …

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