• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Do Autistic People Feel Empathy: The Literal Interpretation

Autistic people tend not to show emotions the way “normal” or “neuro-typical” people do. This leads to the idea they lack empathy, the ability to empathize, to feel empathetic, and in the extreme lack of feelings altogether. This simply is not true; they just do not tend to share their …

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Aspies do not lack empathy; we crave it.

Asperger’s and Empathy: Why do you people believe we lack empathy? I’ve been thinking about the common misconception that those with Asperger’s Syndrome do not have empathy; that we cannot be empathetic.  It drives me crazy when I hear that those on the autism spectrum lack empathy because it simply …

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