• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Update/Observation on Aspie Teen’s Grades

Aspie Teen and I have spent the past two weeks getting ready for his final exams. Despite the fact that, to date the school system has not finished their evaluation for services, and/or IEP which the Teen desperately needs, I consider semester one of High School a success. The Teen …

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My Consuming Frustration: “Recess should not be…denied…”

I do not care what the school’s policy is, or how the principal feels about it; denying children recess as punishment is wrong.  And—the SC Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness agrees with me. South Carolina: Code 59-10-10 (2005) requires grades K-5 be provided with a minimum of 150 minutes of …

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New Math Does Not Work With Old Brains!

Last night at about midnight I laid in bed blogging from my phone because I was so frustrated at the fact that my son has lost recess again in school. So frustrated I was that I hardly got any sleep last night, and have been up with my mind spinning …

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Is recess a priviledge or a right?

Do our children have a right to the free time, socialization, and physical activity in school that recess affords, or is this time reserved as a privilege? It would seem to me that during the time where this country’s children suffers from childhood obesity and diabetes that physical activity would …

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Asperger’s and Difficulty in School: Connecting more dots

I can’t read two books at a time, and apparently can’t take two classes at a time either. My mind started to connect the dots… (It does that sometimes) I was originally registered for two classes this semester and began to panic. I need to make up the semester I …

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Is the School Intentionally Trying to Piss Him Off?

I have had a hell of a day! The Tot screaming, my IPad screen got shattered, and the baby was very cranky and crying all day long. Horrible, awful, terrible, very bad, no good day. Then the little man comes home from school and says, “Mom, don’t bother giving me …

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Angry Aspie! Little man’s school is making me violent

Yesterday morning went really well, for our house anyway. Daylight savings time had everyone’s schedule messed up and the Tot was up at 6:18, but at least he was happy with his sippy cup in my bed watching Dora. When the baby woke a few minutes later, I knew it …

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First Day Back To School

Today is the first day back to school for the kids here in South Carolina. The little man here is all decked out in his Sonic the Hedgehog shirt, with matching book bag, and lunch box! We also purchased some little personalised patches which I have sewn on to his …

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Aspie Teen and High School

I wrote previously about Aspie Teen wanting to go back to school and try to attend a regular High School. That idea has already fallen by the way side, and I cannot say that I am upset about it either. After talking to the school district and the staff at …

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Trying to Become One with the Crack in the Wall

Last week Hubby and I meet with a therapist for Aspie Teen here in our own town (what a concept!).  We were both happy and impressed with our appointment, which did not include Aspie Teen, just Hubby and I.  Aspie Teen will meet with them in late August, and I …

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