• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”

How do you get a whole Aspie House to voluntarily go to bed early?

Bring them to Comic Con!! Yesterday Hubby and I brought the boys to our first ever Comic Con, and we had a blast!  I, of course, lost it a wee bit when we first arrived. The noise, crowd, and stress of keeping eyes on all four boys in the midst …

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Summer Vacation is OVER!!!

Anyone miss me? I have been MIA all summer I realize, my apologizes. Summer break is extremely stressful on me, and the boys.  The Tot hates being home for the summer; he was bored, no routine, whiney, and very very melty.  The Little Man, who just started the FIFTH GRADE, …

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Sometimes Changes is Good; Little Man received Awards!

Many of you remember the issues that my Little Man (10) had in school earlier in this year, and the madness that ensured with his first IEP meeting.  Hubby and I had a difficult decision to make: fight the school for the Little Man’s accommodations, and support—or—change schools where they …

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The Tot had an Awesome Weekend; He used the Potty!

I thought the weekend was going sideways fast! By the time Hubby came home on Friday afternoon, I was trying to wash poop out of Little Man’s sheets while cleaning the mattress and carpet.  NO—Little Man did not poop on his bed; the Tot did!  Apparently, he decided (the Tot) …

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Little Man is Excited; He Can Tie His Shoes!

The little man came home from school today, dropped his book bag in the closet, said, “Mom, guess what? I finally learned how to tie my own shoes! Want to see?” Then he proudly demonstrated his newly acquired skill! I’m so excited for him because not being able to tie …

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The Tot Needs Help!

Despite all the therapy he is receiving in school, speech and ten hours of ABA therapy a week, the Tot seems to be regressing in some areas. My biggest concerns are his emotional regulation; anxiety, clinginess, irritability,increasingly violent and frequent meltdowns; frequent attacks on his brothers (particularly my-ten-year old); and  …

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Is the Tot regressing again?

Yesterday two boys stepped off the school bus; one had no words, and the other would not shut up! Usually when the Tot gets to the bus doors, he waves at me, and says, “Hi, Mommy!” He takes my hand, jumps off the last step into the street, and then …

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Living on the edge of Meltdown-ville

I can tell you a lot about autism, but what I cannot tell you is how to avert my own meltdowns indefinitely. I’m so overwhelmed and angry, and am now hiding so Aspie Teen won’t see me cry. Even on a day like today, when the house is calm (school …

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