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Aspie Family Vacation: Carowinds Amusement Park

I was fairly silent last week while our family was on vacation at Carowinds Amusement Park here in South Carolina. My intention was to write short blog entries each day of our trip to keep in touch with you all, but after just a few shorts hours in the park each day I could barely stand to keep my eyes open.

Why, oh why, do I continue to visit amusement parks when I am pregnant? I must be out of my mind! The last time we were at Carowinds was in 2010, when I was pregnant with Tantrum Tot.

I had not realized that I seem to make a habit of dragging myself to amusement parks when I am pregnant. It occurred to me that the first time Hubby and I went to Disney world, (on our one year wedding anniversary), I was pregnant with Aspie Teen and it was August! Someone please stop me from doing this to myself!

Anyway, since I could not keep my eyes open, or move most of the muscles in my body last week, I thought I would share our trip via Hubby’s blog posts. He apparently was able to keep his eyes open and write a few blog posts while I snored like a bear in the bed next to him.


(One of my favorite pictures! Tantrum Tot was desperately trying to get that cookie from Snoopy, screaming “It’s stuck!)

Hubby’s blog posts about this year’s Carowinds vacation:

Asperger’s Syndrome Family on Vacation

Yes, I live for vacations! Ok, not vacations—adventures.

Aspie Family Getaway Day 1

Photos from Aspie Family Vacation

I am in the last picture with my three boys looking like I am going to fall off the wall like humpty dumpty.

Aspie Dad and Tantrum Tot

End of Aspie Vacation

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