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Borghese Gallery: Bernini; Emotional over Art

Hades and Persephone

One of the highlights of my trip was standing in front of  Bernini’s sculptures.  Works of art I’d only studied from book, and honestly never thought I’d be able to see in person.

I’ve never been one to become emotional over art but I can no longer say that. I walked into the room and sucked in a breathe at the site of Hades and Persephone. The way Hades fingers gripped her thigh and the flesh gave way to his hands.

Apollo and Daphne—the way the laurel leaves seeped from her fingertips

Matt in front of Apollo and Daphne

How David bit his bottom lip, boulder and roped sling in hand. Bernini was brilliant.

Apollo and Daphne


Hades and Persephone



I looked forward to these three sculptures in particular. However, it was even more of treat to see his lessor known works during the Bernini exhibit.

Love these cherub faces!

Matthew not thrilled to be standing in front of another “naked” statue.

Adam photographing Bernini’s work

The David

Bernini – The David

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