• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Monsters: 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: The importance of Setting in Fiction Writing

In the small Alaskan town of Barrow, the sun does not rise for 30 days—there is literally 30 days of night.  Is there a better place to set a vampire story?  Well, yes perhaps in those few places where the sun doesn’t rise for six whole months, but that is …

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Monsters: Preston & Child’s Relic: An intriguing writing match-up

This week’s adventure in horror genre reading: Relic by Preston and Childs. Is Relic, really a horror novel? I didn’t think so. I Thought It Was More of a Supernatural Mystery – Thriller.  But a monster story? Definitely. There are a few things about Relic that appealed. First, I love …

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Monster Movie: The THING is, I couldn’t quite get into THE THING

This week’s horror 80’s horror flick, John Carpenter’s THE THING was a tough thing for me to watch. The premise of an alien frozen in the Arctic warming enough to take over the bodies of human and animal is frightening. One of the most frightening aspects of the movie as …

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Switched MFA Program to Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction!

Exciting things are happening in 2018! After my last residency at FDU, and subsequent semester, I decided to switch MFA programs. So, January started off with a residency in Greensburg, PA on the beautiful Seton Hill Campus. Why did I switch? Too many reasons to list, but let’s just say …

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I’m ALWAYS Lost! Nothing has Changed; Place-Blindness on Campus; An Extremely Frazzled MFA Residency Experience

Does anyone else have to constantly look back at their life, and the things that they wrote in the past to remind themselves that they have been through this before? Lately, I have gone back and read my old blog posts, even parts of my memoir to be reminded that …

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