• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Why School Recess is Important for Autistic Children

When my 9-year-old ASD child returns home from school in the afternoon, I always ask the same question, “How was your day?” The only thing of interest that he ever talks about is what happened during recess. He discusses who he played with, what they did, and how he wished …

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The Psychology of Color and Autistic Children; Part V: Changing the Color Environment

Is your autistic child restless at bedtime in their room? Does he/she get easily distracted when doing homework? Are they more hyper-active, or lethargic in certain places? Do they avoid a particular room in the house like a colorfully decorated powder room? Alternating the color-schemes in places where your child …

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The Effects of Color on Autistic Children; Part IV: Ambiguous Colors

In parts one through three of this series, we explored the effects colors can have on our emotions and behaviors. We’ve learned that reds, yellows, and greys can all be potentially problematic for autistic children, and that blue, green, orange, and pink tones can provide emotional and psychological benefits. However, …

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The Effects of Color on Autistic Children; Part III: Beneficial Colors

What colors are the best ones for autistic children? First and foremost children with autism are individuals, as are color preferences and emotional experiences. There are, however, a few colors that tend to be better suited for autistic children (and likely everyone else). School health services that offer additional support …

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The Effects of Color on Autistic Children; Part II: Problematic Colors

Colors can be calming, soothing, and conducive to learning, or they can be agitating, confusing, and painful to an autistic child. By examining the Psychology of Color (Chromology), Feng Shui (ancient Chinese art and science), and Chroma Therapy, or Color Therapy (a form of holistic medicine), we can see that …

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The Effects of Color on Autistic Children; Part I: Does Color Matter?

Interior decorators and psychologists have long understood that colors can have a dramatic effect on mood and behavior, a concept known as Color Psychology. Decorators use color to create excitement, peace, creativity, and calm. Autistic children and adults tend to have heightened senses, and the way they see or perceive …

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