• Understanding Autism from the Inside

    “Academics came easily to me. The rest of life—not so much.”
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Gifts ideas for an Autistic Kids

gifts autistic child

I hope you enjoy the following info-graphic Gifts for an Autistic Child by Autism Parenting Magazine! Coming up: A guide to the Best Sensory Products for Autistic Kids: What we have in our house   Autism Parenting Magazine gives you access to: · Expert advice from our team of respected …

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Navigating the Holidays with Autism: Part II: Is your Aspie a Christmas Control Freak?

Let’s talk about control. Autistics have a deep seated need for control. A need for routine, and to control our environments is paramount. In fact, it is very difficult for us not to do things the way we have always done them; the way we know they should be done.  …

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Navigating the Holiday with Autism; Part I: Not sure what to get your Aspie for Christmas? Ask them!

Ever since I was a child I had an extreme need to know exactly what to expect. I hated surprises, and I still do! My mother often complained how I was a “little bitch,” her words because when someone gave me something I didn’t like I was not polite and …

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